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PhotoVoxel is a 3D voxel editor, where you can create voxel assets for your games easily. Currently is under active development, and here you can download the free beta version.


  • Customizable (docking windows support, control bindings changeable, etc.)
  • PBR pipeline (voxels can have metalness, roughness, emission, and transparency)
  • Multiple voxel objects with transformations
  • Export as a 3D model to OBJ with textures
  • Supports lights, folders in the scene, reference images
  • Filters - to add voxel effects on your assets
  • Custom enviro maps in OpenEXR format, which affects the appearance of the asset (PBR)
  • Importing images as voxel objects
  • Sculpting
  • Screen space painting

Release Notes:

  • v0.1.1 (9 July 2022)
    • Technical improvements (crash fixes, bugfixes)
    • Added settings of the world object, to manipulate environ map properties
    • Mouse can rotate enviro map in the viewport (alt + RMB)
    • Customizable viewport background-color
    • Added possibility to make screenshots and animated gifs from the editor
    • Stamp tool new properties (source voxel object offsets x,y,z)
    • Added hints when drawing shapes (about coordinates)
    • Screen-space paint brush tool now can use other voxel objects as a source of painting (in other words it allows texture-based painting)
    • Timelapse-making feature (saves screenshot every n-th second)
    • Trim to container option added

Minimal System Requirements: Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GTX 770 or similar, 8GB RAM

Recommended System Requirements: Windows 10 64-bit, NVIDIA GTX 1060 or similar, 16GB RAM

It is not recommended to run PhotoVoxel on Intel HD Graphics GPU - if you have two graphics cards, make sure PhotoVoxel is using NVIDIA or AMD (you can set this in Windows OS settings)

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PhotoVoxelBetaSetup_v011.zip (v.0.1.1) 79 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the installer .exe. It will add also a PhotoVoxel file extension to allow opening its files by double click.

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